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Our story

From Fast Bowler to Inventor

MyCall® was invented with a passionate heart and a courageous vision: to realise a bright future for cricket by creating the world’s first instant, automatic umpiring assistance technology and to see it used in cricket games around the world and down the road.


Founded by capped Australian test player, Peter George, whose deep knowledge and love of cricket was developed over 14 years of playing professionally. As a player and a fan, Peter shared the hearts and imaginations of cricket fans around the world. Fans who honour the rich heritage of the game and can embrace the technological age to create a game which will endure and continue to appeal to all ages around the world.


A game that unites its fans across time, across borders and throughout adversity. United by the way their hearts beat a little faster from the first moment the bowler stands at the top of his mark. Hearts and minds anxiously anticipating the unpredictable but yet so familiar twists and turns of this weird and wonderful game. This unity epitomises the brave spirit of strong & courageous fans and lovers who dare to dream that this beautiful game could continue to grow and evolve into a sport for tomorrow’s fans.

OUR team

Peter George

Peter George is the Managing Director and inventor of MyCall®.  He combined a 14 year professional cricket career with a background in Mechanical Engineering to invent and develop MyCall®.

Suzy George

Suzy George is the co-founder of MyCall® and oversees strategy, management and marketing.  She has a strong background in project management, complex legal transactions & Bachelor of Business (Marketing).

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