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Does it work for all bowling styles?

Yes, MyCall® determines the location of the rearmost part of the shoe when it lands in the delivery stride. Even if the heal is raised, or at an angle to the crease, or rotates or slides after landing.The no ball law is only interested in the position of the rear of the front shoe at the moment of landing, any movement after that is irrelevant.

How will the umpire receive the signal?

The umpires will each hold a custom hand held device which will replace the ball counter they currently hold. This device can receive the no ball signal in the form of an audible alert, vibration or both, as soon as the bowler lands. The umpire's device can count deliveries and overs as well as accept input for wides and wickets etc.

How accurate and reliable is it?

With the next phase of development, MyCall® is expected to be accurate to within 5mm, better than 98% of the time. This will be independently verified as part of the testing phase.The current prototype is accurate to within approximately 2cm. Watch the demo video to see how the accuracy will be improved in the next phase of development.

When will it be available?

Sportech is currently raising capital to fund the next phase of development. It is expected that once development begins, the training version of MyCall® will be available within 6-8 months and the game version another 6-12 months after that. To find out how you could be part of this investment round, get in touch today.

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